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All my shapes are designed on individual Sking Mesh Bodies to get the best proportions. 
However, the shapes are modify to allow anyone to make it unique and adjust it to personal preferences.
What if you see <Dolce Shape> for Doll Zarah and you like it so much 
but you want to keep your Doll Marabu  Body 
if you have a Brazilia Muylinda but really like <Aura Shape> for Doll Maracana
 You Can Use Any Shape On Any Sking Mesh You Want !!
 Just edit the low part of the shape to the best look.
Mix n Match, make your avatar look gorgeous, perfect and sexy.
All shapes can be used with Doll Mesh Bodies and/or Brazilia Mesh Butts 
and of course without any, although SL is all about mesh parts our days.

Hope you find your right shape, body and look

Custom shape are available on request. 
Please leave me a notecard inwold should you need more info regarding my producs 
(Rathmonicus Resident)

Love your Avatar :)

                                               .....some samples....

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