Sunday 14 May 2023

Curvy Girls Cuddle Better

Top: Tastic -Regina Mean Girls Tops [More INFO

Shorts: -[ Phy.Ka ]- 072 - Le Chiappon Mini Shirts -  JellyBelly ADDON only - With Colors Hud [MORE

Tattoo: Adora-tions - Curvy Girls Cuddle Better Thigh Tattoo (6 Tattoos) (3 shades, 1 tintable, Left and Right option - BoM only) Exclusive @BiGGIRL from 15th May [MORE] NEW NEW NEW 

Nails: Avada Bento Nails (B) - Nude Ombre For GenX, Reborn, Legacy, Maitreya, Kupra - 8 colors, 4 tones. 4 sizes [More INFONEW NEW NEW 

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