Wednesday 30 November 2022


Corset:  ::WD::  Corset Adele - Corset and Sleeves can be worn separately [INFO

Shorts: Bella Note - Industrial shorts 

Stockings: MOoH! Moira maze socks appliers shine 65% 

Nails: Avada~ Square Nails Morocco Rigged for Belleza, Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya, Reborn, Slink, Signature & Tonic - Exclusive @ Biggirl, opens November 15th [MORE] NEW NEW NEW 

Tuesday 29 November 2022


Full Outfit: epoch morgan set fatpack - 
includes: sweater, tank, leggings & socks. Fitted for Reborn, Kupra, Maitreya, Legacy. Socks are unrigged. Sold separately with a discounted fatpack. Fatpack includes mix & match options for tops and bottoms of leggings. [More INFO] NEW NEW NEW 

Just A Perfect Day

Dress: Adora-tions - Moon & Stars Dress - (4 colors hud) [MORE] NEW NEW NEW

Boots: Tastic - NIKO Punk Boots Skull Hands [MORENEW NEW NEW


Monday 28 November 2022


Dress: [Girassol] Dress #0007 02 [available in 3 designs] Exclusive @Hashtag Event until 30th Nov. NEW NEW NEW 

Coat: MOoH! Cassy coat fake fur dark with 5 colors hud - (Also available in Light Colors) -  [More INFONEW NEW NEW 

Socks and Heel: MOoH! Valentine heels (with hud)

Sunday 27 November 2022


Top and Skirt: [[Good Girl]] Arlene Suit Fatpack - Hud with 60 Textures Patterns and Solids - Exclusive @Beauty Event from 21 Nov. [More INFO] NEW NEW NEW 

Tattoo: Adora-tions - Self Love Belly Tattoo (3 shades and 1 tintabe) Available at #BIGGIRL starting 11/15 [More INFONEW NEW NEW

Saturday 26 November 2022

Dreams Time

Dress: Virtual Diva Xpose CROW (available in several textures) [More INFO

Boots: [FLS] Latex Jamie Boots [Modify] NEW NEW NEW 

Hair: Wasabi // Arden Mesh Hair 

Thursday 24 November 2022

Oriental Girl

Dress: .:YASU:. Sexy Oriental Girl with Textures Hud - Exclusive @Hashtag until 30th Nov. NEW NEW NEW 


Wednesday 23 November 2022

November BBQ

Top: Tastic - Kyria Hoodie Top With Colors hud - Exclusive @Swank Event until 30th November  [More INFO] NEW NEW NEW 

Jeans: ..::B2K Design::..Jean Noemie - with Hud

Boots: Tastic - Grace Wedge Boots with Hud

Nails:  Avada ~ Square Nails - Nudes

Tuesday 22 November 2022

Owned by Master

Full Outfit: epoch.- jess set fatpack - Bodysuit, Fishnet, Wings and Horns All With Colors/Textuers Hud [MORE] NEW NEW NEW 

Leg Tattoo:  Adora-tions - Owned by Master - BoM only (2 Shades plus 1 tintable) [MORENEW NEW NEW 

Hair: Sintiklia - Hair Yasmine Windy

Monday 21 November 2022

Shopping Day

Jacket: MOoH! Verity jacket With 10 Colors Hud (More INFO) NEW NEW NEW 

Shorts: MOoH! Verity shorts With 10 Colors Hud (More INFONEW NEW NEW 

Boots: #PGR Jordan Thigh Boots with Hud - Exclusive @Hashtag until 30th Nov. NEW NEW NEW

Bag:  #PGR Penelope Handbag with hud

Glasses: ::: Suki ::: Lex Shades Group Gift 

Sunday 20 November 2022


Top: [FLS] Latex Ryalo Crop Top [Modify] NEW NEW NEW

Hair: FAGA - Maia Hairstyle - [PRO PACK] With Style Hud [More INFO] NEW NEW NEW 

Nails: Avada~ Square Nails Morocco Rigged for Belleza, Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya, Reborn, Slink, Signature & Tonic - Exclusive @Biggirl, opens November 15th [MORENEW NEW NEW

Lipstick: GO Makeup Zested Lipstick Makeup - 10 Colors Hud [MORENEW NEW NEW

Saturday 19 November 2022


Dress: Virtual Diva Hikari MIX2 (available in several textures) [More INFO] NEW NEW NEW 

Hair: Vanity Hair:Moonriver (MAT)

Thursday 17 November 2022


Top: MOoH! Temptress top woth 10 colors hud [More INFONEW NEW NEW 

Skirt: eXxEsS : Leather Skirt No.5 With Amazing Colors Hud [MORE] NEW NEW NEW 

Tattoo: Adora-tions - Chaos Chest Tattoo (3 shades plus one tintable) Exclusive @Abstract Event from 15 Nov to 5 Dec. NEW NEW NEW 

Hair: *!R.O!* Mesh Whip (black)

Wednesday 16 November 2022

Winter forest

Dress: ..::B2K Design::.. Bridgerton Dress Blue, Coker with Cameo and Headband with Flowers - [MORE

Throne: MOoH! Stuff Winter forest throne with 12 sit poses (Also available in other textures) Exclusive @Enchantment until 3 December [More INFO] NEW NEW NEW 

Tuesday 15 November 2022

Chaos in My Mind

Lingerie: ~NL~ Lingerie Alysha - Available in 8 Colors - BoM and Hud applier for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, Omega 

Jacket: [FLS] Latex Earric Jacket [Modify] NEW NEW NEW

Leg Tattoo: Adora-tions - Darkness Thigh Mixer (3 shades plus one tintable) BoM only

Chest Tattoo: Adora-tions - Chaos Chest Tattoo BoM only - Exclusive @Abstract Event from 15 Nov to 5 Dec. (3 shades plus one tintable) NEW NEW NEW 

Nails: [FLS] Latex Jesal Nails [Modify]

Lipstick: GO Makeup Rame Lipstick Makeup -10 colors hud 

Monday 14 November 2022

Bad Habits


Sweater: ::WD:: Sweater Bat - Gradients With Textures Hud [More INFO] NEW NEW NEW 

Stoking: R.A.D. Maze Rippy Stockings

Hair: FAGA - Amada Hairstyle - [PRO PACK]

Nails: Avada~ Arlia Square Nails fitted for Belleza, Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya, Reborn, Signature, Slink & Tonic mesh bodies [MORE

Drink: [.Twisted Barbie.]  Rainbow Latte

Sunday 13 November 2022


Top and Skirt: [AF] Queen Skirt and Top Sexy - With Color Hud Exclusive @Swank Event from 7th to 30th Nov. [More INFONEW NEW NEW

PantyHose: .:AMUI:. "Lety" PantyHose BOM {20 and 40 deniers in Red, White, Black and Natural color} (More INFONEW NEW NEW 

Lipstick: GO Makeup Maggie Lipstick Makeup - 10 Colors Hud - Exclusive @Swank Event from 7th to 30th Nov. NEW NEW NEW 

Drink: Bubblegum Cute drink LHand

Saturday 12 November 2022


Outfit: epoch. libby set. fatpack. Shirt, Leggings and Sleeves With Textures Hud [More INFO] NEW NEW NEW 

Hair: Hair Angela Bento Fitted

Glasses: Black Rosie Teashades 

Friday 11 November 2022

Lily Elizabeth

Dress: Lucky Lily Elizabeth Linen Dress With 6 Colors Hud - Exclusive @UpEvent until 15th November NEW NEW NEW 

Socks and Shoes: MOoH! Clara heels With Colors Hud (MORE)

Hair: FAGA - Shun Hairstyle - [PRO PACK] With Style Hud [More INFO] 60L$ Only NEW NEW NEW 

Thursday 10 November 2022

Meet Up Lad

Dress:  ::: VInc. :::"Skylar" Outfit - Available in 12 Colors - Maitreya (Lara & Petite) / Legacy (Classic & Perky) / Reborn & Kupra (+Kups) Mesh-Body compatible - Price: each Color 199L$ / Fatpack 999L$ [More INFO] NEW NEW NEW 

Boots: [FLS]Latex Peja Boots [Modify]

Tuesday 8 November 2022

W H A T ?

Body: Adora-tions - Cat Ghostie Bodysuit - Purple [MORENEW NEW NEW 

Jacket: [FLS]Latex Einar Coat [Modify] NEW NEW NEW

Nails: [FLS] Latex Jesal Nails [Modify] 

Tattoo: Adora-tions - Halloween Hip - Spider (3 shades plus 1 tintable) [MORE] NEW NEW NEW 

Lipstick: GO Makeup Maggie Lipstick Makeup - 10 Colors Hud - Exclusive @Swank Event from 7th to 30th Nov. NEW NEW NEW 

Eyes Shadow:  GO Makeup Mariya EyeShadow Makeup - 8 colors hud

Monday 7 November 2022


Dress: [AF] Quennie Delicate Chic Dress - With Textures Hud - Exclusive @Swank Event from 7th to 30th Nov. [More INFO] NEW NEW NEW 

Earrings: [Fetch] Kelsey Earring with Hud

Aura Leaves: .:YASU:. AC03 - Autumn Aura 1

Sunday 6 November 2022

Night Time Snaking

Top and Shorts: .:AMUI:. "Brisa" Top & Shorts {with colors hud} (MORE)

PantyHose: .:AMUI:. "Lety" PantyHose BOM {20 and 40 deniers in Red, White, Black and Natural color} (More INFO) NEW NEW NEW 

Hair: *Alice Project* Summertime Sadness 

Saturday 5 November 2022

Trophy Wife

 Top and Skirt: [vershe] Kasz Bandou and Skirt Available in several Colors - Exclusive @UpEvent until 15th No. NEW NEW NEW 

Tattoo: Adora-tions - Trophy Wife Chest Tattoo (3 shades plus 1 tintable) [More INFONEW NEW NEW 

Nails: [FLS]Latex Jesal Nails [Modify]

Lipstick: GO Makeup Maggie Lipstick Makeup - 10 Colors Hud - Exclusive @Swank Event from 7th to 30th Nov. NEW NEW NEW 

EyeShadow: GO Makeup Mariya EyeShadow Makeup - 10 Colors Hud

Thursday 3 November 2022


Full Outfit: epoch. Jane set - Sweater, Skirt, panties, Boots, Scarf - All with Amazing Textures/ Colors Hud [More INFO] NEW NEW NEW 

Particles: .:YASU:. AC41 - Cute Dandelion - Exclusive @UpEvent until 15th Nov. NEW NEW NEW 

Hair: Wasabi // Autumn w/ Hat Mesh Hair

Tuesday 1 November 2022

In The Frame

Outfit: Tastic - Gothic Hooded Cloak [More INFO] NEW NEW NEW 

Collar: Ribbon-collar No Rigged with resizer

Lipstick: GO MakeupRame Lipstick Makeup - 10 Colors Hud 

Hair: Sintiklia - Hair Gina - Fitted

Mouth: The Elegant Goth Gothic Furniture - Creepy Mouth Spider 

Skull: [.Twisted Barbie.]  VooDoo Set