Tuesday 30 January 2024

Sassy Bitch

Dress: LACONIC/GRL PWR [BLACK DENIM SKIRT] Exclusive @MIXX Event 30th to 20th More INFO NEW NEW NEW 

Shape: <AriaShapes> Rosie - for eBODY REBORN Mesh Body

Monday 29 January 2024


Bikini: Tastic - Cute Cat Bikini with Textures Hud [More INFO] NEW NEW NEW 

Nails:  Avada Bento Nails (S) - Novah with hud

Shape: <AriaShapes> Scarlet - for LEGACY Mesh Body

Sunday 28 January 2024

Eye On Me

Outfit:  SIZL MYLA SET - Jacket, Shorts, Garter, Top, Sleeves, All with Colors Hud - Items can be worn separate [More INFO

Eye patch:  Tastic- Goth Skull Eyepatch with Colors Hud 

Saturday 27 January 2024


Outfit: epoch. melanie set - Cropped Top, Shorts, Furry Coat - With Texture and Colots Hud NEW NEW NEW

Friday 26 January 2024


Lingerie: ..::B2K Design::.. Lingerie Sylla - with Colors Hud [MORE

Eye Shadow:  +EXO+ WAVES EYESHADOW EVOX - 16 colors hud [More INFO

Lipstick:  EXO FORBIDDEN LIPSTICK EVOX - 16 colors hud [More INFO

Thursday 25 January 2024


Lingerie: [Girassol] Set #0004 available in several colors - Exclusive @Hashtag Jan Round NEW NEW NEW

Upper Body Tattoo: LACONIC  /POISEIDONS CALL TATTOO LADIES (Fresh, Fade, Old, Onyx Shades - BoM only) [More INFO] NEW NEW NEW 

Shape: <AriaShapes> Shasha - for INITHIUM KUPRA Mesh Body

Wednesday 24 January 2024


Coat: MOoH! Kinsley coat with Textures Hud - Hud Exclusive @Snowbound Hunt 10-25L - Hurry Today is Last Day !!  [More INFO] NEW NEW NEW 

Boots: MOoH! Kinsley boots and socks with Colors Hud Exclusive @Snowbound Hunt 10-25L - Hurry Today is Last Day !! [More INFONEW NEW NEW 

POSE: ARPELS POSE Lari stand - 5 poses included - Exclusive @Hashtag January 2024 Round NEW NEW NEW 

Monday 22 January 2024


Eye Shadow:  +EXO+ WAVES EYESHADOW EVOX - 16 colors hud [More INFO] NEW NEW NEW 


Top: [FLS] Latex Fanasia Top [COLOR HUD][Legacy] NEW NEW NEW 

Sunday 21 January 2024

The Future

Corset: .Aitne. Cristel Heart with colors Hud NEW NEW NEW 

Boots: .Aitne. Betrax Boots with colors Hud NEW NEW NEW 

Saturday 20 January 2024


Dress: .:AMUI:. "Boheme" Dress with colors Hud [More INFO

Stockings: .Aitne. Diana Stockings - For Kupra, Maitreya and LaraX, Legacy, Ebody-Reborn - Regular and Maze - With 12 Colors Hud - Exclusive @Kawaii Project from 18th Jan. [More INFONEW NEW NEW 

Heel: .Aitne. Valeria Heels With Colors Hud

POSE: ARPELS POSE CECILIA SET - 5 poses included - Exclusive @Hashtag January 2024 Round NEW NEW NEW 

Wednesday 17 January 2024


Tattoo: LACONIC/ HEPHAESTUS CALL TATTOO LADIES (Fresh, Face, Old and Onyx Shades - BoM only) [More INFO] NEW NEW NEW 


Tuesday 16 January 2024


Dress: MOoH! Medley dress With Colots Hud  Exclusive @Winter Hollow until 20th Jan. There's an exclusive set of thigh high Ice skates with AO and a cute 25L hunt item out for you (More INFONEW NEW NEW 

Monday 15 January 2024


T-shirt: Tastic - Anxiety Tops - 2 versions [MORE]  

Pants: ::WD::  Pants Harper - Denim With Textures Hud 

Sneakers: Tastic - Wedge Sneakers with Colors Hud 

Saturday 13 January 2024

Squishy Doggo

Outfit: epoch. reba set - Sweater, Top, T-Shirt, Jacket, Leggings, Shorts, Skirt,  Sandals. Choker and Squishy Doggo - colors Huds for individual item  NEW NEW NEW 

Shape: <AriaShapes> Rosie - for eBODY REBORN Mesh Body

Friday 12 January 2024



Tattoo: LACONIC/POTENT TATTOO (Fade, Fresh, Old and Onyx Shades - BoM Only) Exclusive Orsy Event from 8th Jan. 24 [MORE] NEW NEW NEW 

Shape: <AriaShapes> Bona - for INITHIUM KHARA Mesh Body

Thursday 11 January 2024


Bodysuit: [FLS] Latex Fleya Body [COLOR HUD] NEW NEW NEW 

Snake: SIZL Snakes on Legs fatpack with 3 metals (black, silver, gold) and 5 gem eyes (blue, green, black, gold, & red) [More INFO

Heels: .Aitne. Valeria Heels - with colors Hud - Exclusive @N21 [More INFO] NEW NEW NEW 

Tuesday 9 January 2024

My T R I B E

Outfit: [FLS] Latex Melissa Suit [COLOR HUD][Legacy] NEW NEW NEW 

Tattoo: +EXO+ TRIBE EVOX TATTOO UNISEX in two colors - Exclusive @Pandora Event from 11th to 30th Jan. [MORE] NEW NEW NEW 

Sunday 7 January 2024

Music Festival

Outfit: ..::B2K Design::..Set Angela -  Bra, Panties, Skirt and Chain - With Textures Hud [MORENEW NEW NEW 

Saturday 6 January 2024


Outfit: KYMILE - Catalatina Top & Skirt With Colots Hud [MORE

Garter: .Aitne. Noel Garters - With and without Maze- @Cosmopolitan [More INFONEW NEW NEW 

Friday 5 January 2024

Back to work

Outfit: .:AMUI:. "Kiku" Outfit = Dress and Sweater - # FATPACK With Textures Hud (More INFO) NEW NEW NEW 

Heels and Socks: KYMILE - Belen Heels & Socks - With 40 Textures Hud @Winter Spirit (More INFONEW NEW NEW 

Wednesday 3 January 2024

Le Coscion

Bodysuit: -[ Phy.Ka ]- 102 - Le Coscion  Body - MegaPack - 18 Wool Textures Exclusive @Kinky Event [More INFO] NEW NEW NEW 

Heels: -[ Phy.Ka ]- 100 - Madame Lux - MegaPack [More INFO

Snake: SIZL Snakes on Legs fatpack with 3 metals (black, silver, gold) and 5 gem eyes (blue, green, black, gold, & red) [More INFO

Cigarette:  -[ Phy.Ka ]- GROUP GIFT - CIGARETTE HOLDER

Shape: <AriaShapes> Bona - KHARA (ADD ME)

Body: [ INITHIUM ] KHARA HD BOM V.3.0 con alpha

Tuesday 2 January 2024

Free Me

Bodysuit: .Aitne. Lindsay Bodystockings - with colors hud - [More INFO] Exclusive @Kinky Event NEW NEW NEW 

Heels: .Aitne.  Valeria Heels - with colors hud - [More INFO] Exclusive @N21 NEW NEW NEW 

Shape: <AriaShapes> Scarlet - for LEGACY Mesh Body